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Monday, July 28, 2008

My Summer Vacation I

I'm back from my brief holiday, having had a wonderful break from life on the coast by travelling into the semi-arid desert country of the southern interior of the province of British Columbia. While I get back into the swing of life here in Victoria, I will take the liberty of sharing with you a few vacation photos. First, I will introduce a couple of my travelling companions, grandchildren Molly (foreground) and Rosie (background) in the van.They are sampling fruit the Fraser valley is famous for: fresh-picked raspberries.However, before we could travel to the interior of the province we had to take a ferry across to the mainland since Victoria is on an island.The ferries are large car-ferries that travel hourly during the daylight hours and evening.
It takes about two hours to cross to the Vancouver ferry terminal called Tsawassen. Below is a view taken from the ferry window while passing between two of the Gulf Islands.After arriving on the mainland we travelled eastwards up the lush Fraser Valley, which provides Vancouver with much of its food (including raspberries) from the rich river delta agricultural lands.--->Next Stop: Cultus Lake Provincial Park.


USelaine said...

I want to inhale those raspberries as much as that sky.

Jerez Sherry said...

Priceless photo...smiles here... I love Victoria, and maybe be there soon, with my daughter, or maybe we'll go to Vancouver..undecided.
Your photos tempt me top push for Victoria!
Any ideas there for a 9 year old boy?

rc said...

great weather you have there

seems like you had some great vacations

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.

Sherry, much as I love Victoria, if I was 9 I'd rather be in Vancouver in the summer. It's hotter in Vancouver and the beaches are better and of course, it's a much larger city with a wider range of things to do than Victoria. I grew up in Vancouver so I have lots of fond summertime memories.

Benjamin Madison said...

USElaine, your avatar makeover and challenge for me to post a caricature of myself has resulted in an offer from Dean Lewis to draw me whenever I am ready. All these years I've been satisfied with myself in a turban and dhoti - now the world will see the real me in baseball cap and sweatshirt.

USelaine said...

*Yay!* But remember, I was only 5 years old for mine. (truth in advertising) I'm looking forward to seeing it. I hope you'll give us a full sized post before you shrink it to avatar size.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Who wouldn't want to holiday here! Stunning bakcdrops, and a wonderful set of memories you've snapped.

Suzanne said...

Hello Ben
You make Victoria look so cosmopolitan. It's changed a lot since the 80s. Your pictures are marvellous and would make anyone want to go there.
DS - Cawston