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Saturday, September 10, 2011

World's Largest Dinosaur

For Somewhere Saturday this week we are returning to the neighboring province of Alberta to visit the dinosaur capital of the world, Drumheller. Just outside the town is the Royal Tyrrell Museum, housing a huge number of reconstructed dinosaur skeletons that have been unearthed nearby. It's a fascinating place to visit. The Tyrannosaurus rex replica pictured above towers 86 feet (about 26 meters) above the Drumheller Visitor Information Centre. It is about 4.5 times as large as a real T-rex. There is a viewing platform in the mouth.


JoJo said...

That's a big dinosaur!

Mike Laplante said...

I remember this. Drumheller was a nifty town, settled into those gullies of the Alberta badlands.
It struck me as the perfect setting for one of those 50s-style giant bug movies -- y'know the ones where some isolated desert town is attacked by giants ants or mantises that descend from the hills surrounding the town.