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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Picker (Landen Shaw)

Here's summer coming to an end and I feel like I missed a lot of it this year. I regret not visiting the Inner Harbour quite so often since I have missed some new artists and performers as well as not getting quite enough of my old favorites. Above is a young fellow whose guitar picking is worth listening to. I've captured a bit of it on the video below but I didn't have my good quality microphone with me so the sound doesn't do justice to his playing. This is the Inner Harbour's youngest busker, Landen Shaw, age 12. Click HERE to read a local news article about him.

This is the first of a series of posts that will include videos. Visitors will please be patient with me while I learn how to edit video with some new software - Pinnacle Studio 15. Tomorrow we'll have a video of our local dulcimer player, Metro Semeniuk, and I have two more videos lined up for later in the week.


Dean Lewis said...

Gotta love special FX.
For an early effort, this video is excellent for editing etc.
The remote pick-up mic would make all the difference of course, eliminating so much ambient sound which in this one is equal to Landen's playing.
Look forward to more !

JoJo said...

Really cool effect on the photo!