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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Save On Foods Arena

On the opposite side of Blanshard Street from the Jack Davis Building is the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, the arena where large sporting and entertainment events take place here. It seats about 7,000 people and was named after a local supermarket because they contributed a lot to its construction.

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Dean Lewis said...

The original Memorial Arena was built in the early fifties and named in tribute to WWII vets.
When the new one was built, there was a controversy about dropping 'Memorial" from the name.
Save-On Foods was able to see it's name attached by contributing one million dollars for a ten year deal, an advertising bargain at 100K/year.

This is a common practise now, commercial sponsoring and the advertising benefits are immense when you consider that every sportscast includes the mention of the name.
I personally find it foolish that a public-use facility like this should end up having a confusing front that leaves any visitor wondering if it isn't one large grocery store.
Maybe a new Johnston street bridge could be emblazoned "Wal-mart Crossing" to reduce tax cost.