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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Falls

To continue with our look at some of the new condominiums that are being erected in Victoria I today post a photo of The Falls. It's quite a striking building right downtown on Victoria's main thoroughfare, Douglas Street, and within spitting distance of the Fairmont Empress Hotel and the Inner Harbour. It's called The Falls of course because of the 100 foot waterfall cascading down the sides of the building. I confess I missed it too the first time I photographed this building. In fact, when I got home and read the blurb on this building on their website, and looked at the artist's conception of the finished building, I decided that I had mistakenly photographed the wrong building. The next day I went back to find "The Falls" and took the above photograph. You actually can see the waterfall from this angle if you look closely. However, it is much more impressive in the artist's concept drawing and I suggest you go to their website and enjoy it there.


Jacob said...

Very fine photo of a stunning building...not the kind of thing one sees every day. With a waterfall, yet! Amazing.

I'd imagine these are a bit pricey, though!

Kim said...

Yes, the artists rendering is much more dramatic, but i find these things rarely turn out as spectacular as the concept drawings. Your picture, however, is just lovely.