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Monday, October 26, 2009


Dusk is one of my favourite times of day. After a day's activities everyone is heading home in the fading light. Above is a photo of Chinatown's Fisgard street at dusk. Below is another example of my fondness for things Chinese, the window through which I greet the day each morning.


Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Hi, I came here via mstoastburner's site. I like your work very much! I'm interested in your experience with fotomoto. How do you like it? Have you tried anything else? Any sales going on? Any info you can share would be very much appreciated.

P.S. Went to Victoria on our honeymoon. Love that town.


Benjamin Madison said...

Hi Sara,
Thanks for your kind words. I can't say too much about fotomoto except that it is very easy to implement and the software seems to work well. However, I have not yet made any sales (although about 15 visitors have utilized the free e-card option), and I cannot yet evaluate the quality of the print service since I've not ordered any myself.