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Monday, October 5, 2009

Bayview Residences

I realized recently that although I posted several photos taken from the 9th floor of the new condo development, Bayview Residences, I had neglected to post a photo of the building itself. This building is just above the condominiums whose photos I posted yesterday. It is only the first building of an ambitious plan that will include revitalization and restoration of the historic roundhouse area that is just behind and below the building pictured above. This restoration should include some shops and cafes and may ameliorate the current social sterility of this area. Another promising new development, Dockside Green, is only a stone's throw distant, and also promises to have areas of social contact when it is fully developed. Movement in this direction seems stalled for both of these developments due to the current economic climate.


Jabba said...

I personally love Tyee Road where all the new condominiums have been built. I love the coffee shops below and the sea wall behind the buildings. It's such a great area, I can't wait to see it in a few years.

Kcalpesh said...

Stunning compostion! I love the inclusion of the tree. Nature combined with modern architecture. Awesome shot.

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Hilda said...

Very striking building. I hope the area doesn't get neglected because of the current situation. The plans sound great.

Benjamin Madison said...

Jabba, I agree that Tyee Road shows more potential than the Songhees, with two coffee shops and an organic bakery and plans for more small shops and meeting places in both Dockside Green and the roundhouse area by Bayside Residences.

Thanks KC.

Yes, Hilda, it's a little unfair to criticize the lack of shops, etc with the new developments since there are hardly enough people staying there so far to support small local shops. I just hope these developments don't get permanently stalled since the "community" aspects always seem to come last.

Dalal said...

I loved the first three photos. They're were amazingly captured and the colors make them even more beautiful. Great job!