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Sunday, January 16, 2011


It seems that every few weeks the small beaches that line the West Bay Walkway are covered with dense drifts of seaweed. Sometimes it is just spaghetti-like tangles of giant kelp but other times it is the bright green lettuce-like weed pictured here. It can lie on the beach for several days or a week before changing tides and currents wash it away and often it becomes quite smelly. I suspect it would make good fertilizer if applied to the garden.


JoJo said...

It sure does look like lettuce! That's a lot of seaweed! Wow. Lots of products use seaweed, actually, over and above sushi. It's good for you.

me said...

This is a great image, i must admit i have a strange affinity for seaweed, i once brought some back in my pocket all the way from england, of course it was dry.
i had been to amsterdam on the same trip can't imagine what they would have thought if i'd been stopped in customs ;)

msdewberry said...

I saw a guy once out at Weir's Beach scooping up big shovelful's of this seaweed, and we asked him why. He said it made great fertilizer for his garden!
I guess that confirms it!

Ghost said...

I bet it does make good fertilizer..