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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Coastal Cafe

To ride the ferry between Victoria and Vancouver takes about one hour and thirty-five minutes. Many passengers spend this time having lunch or a snack in one of the ferry's eating places. This is a shot of the entrance to the on-board cafeteria called the Coastal Cafe. There is also a more upscale restaurant with an extensive seafood buffet and a small, mostly automated coffee bar. Each ferry also has, in addition to several large lounges, a video arcade for the kids, a play area for smaller children, and a gift shop selling books, magazines, souvenirs and snacks. There are also work areas where laptops may be plugged in.


Mel Mel said...

BC Ferries make Washington State Ferries look like amateurs! Love this picture especially the contrast between the black and white floor tile and the hardwood. :-)

Dean Lewis said...

This looks like it might be on one of the newest ships in the fleet. The 'Spirit' ferries have a wonderful Pacific Buffet dining area at the bow, complete with white-clothed tables along great window views.
BC Ferries are fantastic, really, almost cruise-ship quality.
The Tswassen-Swartz Bay run is so beautiful, especially between Active Pass and Vancouver Island, I believe it could be promoted as a tourism experience in itself.
It's not unusual to spot Orca pods along the way.

JoJo said...

I've heard so many great things about BC Ferries. When I was coming back from Victoria on the Clipper w/ some young Canadian lads, they were cracking jokes about how the Clipper is like "a subway or bus" compared to BC Ferries. WA State ferries are in a world of hurt right now, budget wise. But the trip from Sidney to Anacortes is very relaxing, even if our ferries are having issues.