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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus bachmani)

I don't know whether it has just been bad luck for me or whether Black Oystercatchers are not around so much this year. In any case I haven't seen any on my daily walks this year along our shoreline in Vic West. This photo was taken last year in January near Spinnakers on the Westsong Walkway.

When I posted the photo to the left last week I hoped someone would tell me the name of this little bay. Visitor Ngawangchodron sent me a link to a map of the area that identifies the bay as Horseshoe Bay. The point of land jutting out to the left is Finlayson Point. Thank you Ngawangchodron for that information. I will take this opportunity to recommend a visit to Ngawangchodron's Flickr photostream for a splendid collection of photographs in and around Victoria.


biebkriebels said...

A great photo, so funny he has pink "legs", "feet"(don't know the right word).

Jack said...

What a beautiful bird. Don't think I have ever seen one.

Catherine said...

I saw one along the Westsong in December...

Dean Lewis said...

Another great close-up.
These guys are so cool!
Their long and bright coloured beaks and matching eyes gives them an exotic, almost 'contructed' look.
Guess the beak acts well for digging oyters from the shoreline.

JoJo said...

Very unusual bird! Never seen one like it. Is that the shell of his meal, down by his foot?

Benjamin Madison said...

biebkriebels - I am fond of birds with big funny feet - I hope I get to see a blue-footed booby before I leave this planet.

Catherine - that's good news - I'll have to watch more carefully.

Jack and Dean - yes, the bright orange bills and eyes and pink feet really make oystercatchers outstanding.

JoJo - yes that empty limpet shell provided a snack just moments before this photo was taken. Oystercatchers are very adept at using the strong beak to detach those limpets from their rocks.