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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Real Victoria?

Regular visitor JoJo yesterday asked an interesting question about whether those of us who live here consider the Inner Harbour to be the "real Victoria" because of its summer tourist focus. I think it's as real as any other aspect of the city. To be really literal, the Empress and the Legislative Assembly Buildings are not imitations of some other famous buildings. They are the original buildings that were erected here (i.e. not fakes). Likewise the Causeway - it's not an imitation of something else. And while the rest of Victoria may not be as striking or attractive as the Inner Harbour, Victoria doesn't have any huge simmering slums or ethnic ghettos hidden away in remote parts of the city. Like any city, Victoria has its share of social problems such as homeless people and drug addiction. That such problems are not very extreme here seems to me to be mostly a matter of luck rather than an enlightened citizenry or government. But for whatever reasons, for most of its residents this city is a pretty good place to live.

In any case, as my tip of the hat to reality-mongers I offer this photo from my archives (July 2010). Unlike most of the photos I publish here, it is completely unedited. Aside from re-sizing it for the web there has been no re-touching or photoshopping. This is the way it came out of the camera. It's a pretty nice place, real or not.


Mike Laplante said...

Benjamin, there was an article in the TC two or three years ago along with a picture.
I can't remember where -- Austria, I think -- there is a building that is virtually identical to our Legislature.
There was a theory that Rattenbury had seen the building at some point in his travels and then copied the design of it for the Ledge.
Intriguing mystery...
If I can Google a ref, I'll let you know.

Leeds daily photo - Paul said...

Beautiful sky and indeed so is the whole picture.

Dean Lewis said...

That blue is absolutely incredible.
Royal is the word that comes to mind.
One of those very, very clear sky evenings.

msdewberry said...

That is a very awesome photo! As one who has seen Inner Harbour and taken my share of photos of the area, its for real. I miss living in Victoria. It is a good place to come and visit and someplace I would move back to in a heartbeat.

Canarybird said...

I agree that those blues are incredible Benjamin! What a lovely photo, and spot on exposure for being unedited. Don't think I've ever seen the water so still.


ramy_v said...

Simply brilliant image, the colors and framing are stunning.
Houston Daily Photo

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Blue, blue, blue, awesome blue. Congratulations for this shot!

JoJo said...

What a stunning, breath taking photo!!! I love it! And thank you for answering my question too. My heart aches to go back up there. You are truly blessed to live in Victoria. And when I'm at Inner Harbour, I could stare at the Empress and Leg. Bldgs for hours.