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Friday, September 17, 2010


Here is a selection of the raindrops I saw this morning. It's also been very misty for the last three days, unusual for Victoria. Because Victoria and Vancouver are so close people assume the weather is the same. Victoria is generally much drier (about 600 mm of rainfall per year compared to downtown Vancouver's 1,500 mm p.a.). Sunshine hours reflect this as well with Victoria getting about 2,200 hours of sunshine p.a. versus Vancouver's 1,800 hours. Though many of us feel that this is mostly a result of how good and deserving Victorians are, it seems the meteorologists prefer to credit our relatively low-lying landscape, which allows rainbearing clouds to float overhead towards Vancouver where they are brought up abruptly by the mountains and loose their loads on the city below. I just hope our rain passes by tomorrow since I am looking forward to the annual Vic West Corn Roast, another of my favorite annual events.


Dean Lewis said...

Really like this shot, a study of texture of sorts.
Another terrific event this weekend I'm hoping to catch is the Saltspring Fall Fair, one of the very best of it's kind. A wonderful farm setting with a little bit of everything, including animals, crafts, food and exhibits of all sorts. Goes sat. and sunday.

JoJo said...

I love the clean, clear droplets!

Last night I dreamt that I took the late Clipper to Victoria, and they waited for me to get there b/f turning on the lights at the Leg. Bldgs. *sigh* I have to get up there soon.

irinapictures said...

Breathing photo. So good.

Anonymous said...

all so different, yet all of the same nature - what a role model for humankind. great picture indeed. please have a good weekend.

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