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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Garden City

Victoria prides itself on being a "garden city" and has some famous gardens such as the Abkhazi Garden and Butchart's but one of the aspects of the city that makes it a pleasure to live here and to move around in the neighbourhoods is the wealth of small private gardens in the yards of individual residences. Victoria is well known for its high percentage of retired people and this may account for the many splendid gardens in the city. Whatever the reason, today's photo is my salute to the many gardeners of the city whose work we can all enjoy. The house and garden in the above photo is just opposite Willows Beach in Oak Bay and is one that I often stop to admire when I am passing.


Sheila said...

I took a picture of the same house when I visited Victoria in August. What an amazing sight the flower gardens were!

JoJo said...

How gorgeous!!! So much work too! If it has blooms on it, I'll kill it, so I admire other's handiwork.

And I also find myself comparing all flower baskets hanging from lightpoles to Victoria. None of them can hold a candle to the Garden City's!!!

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful place. And I can imagine myself living there.

Dana said...

I love the tulips planted in this garden in the spring-- hundreds of pale pinks and deep blackish-purples. So pretty!! I'm happy to appreciate their flowers and especially pleased that I don't have to care for them all myself! It's the lazy gardener's way. :)