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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You, Eric Tenin

Today, to finish with the awards, I first want to thank the founder of the City Daily Photo Blogs, Eric Tenin of the original City Daily Photo Blog, Paris Daily Photo. Eric kindly commented on yesterday's post (the ultimate seal of approval!) The civil, thoughtful tone characteristic of the City Daily Photo blogs stems directly from the example he has set. The best thank you gesture I can think of is to post this picture of an iris. A stylized iris, the fleur de lys, is well known as a symbol for France. The one above bloomed last summer in my daughter's back yard here in Victoria. Thank you, Eric!

Thanks also to Stephan Nebel and to Igor, Demosthenes and Ham (London Daily Photo) who built and maintain the portal that represents and connects us all. Their largely unsung work behind the scenes makes it possible for CDP bloggers to present their daily offerings to the world, to keep track of favorite blogs, to become aware of new City Daily Photo blogs as they appear and to participate in theme days and other related activities. Thank you, gentlemen!

Finally, thanks to the many visitors to this blog, for looking at a little of my world and reading what I write about it. Your visits and comments are the reason this site continues to exist. Thank you all!


Michael Salone said...

Wow! That's a really nice post and thank you.

USelaine said...

B, from the very beginning, there was no one more encouraging to me than yourself. Thank you for bringing so much kindness to the circle.

Hilda said...

This is a lovely tribute to Eric and the CDP portal team. You have expressed what I feel about them and about most CDP bloggers. Now I know how to celebrate my blog's next milestone. Thank you.

raf said...

The messages in these last two posts alone have been a joy to share with you as a CDP blogger. You have expressed so well all the best qualities of this blog community and what sets it apart. I join you in saluting Eric Tenin and giving the CDPB portal team the great credit they deserve!
Well said and well done, Benjamin!