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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I haven't shown much of downtown Victoria so here's another taste. This is the intersection of Douglas Street (Victoria's main thoroughfare) and Yates Street as it was this afternoon about 4 o'clock. It all seems sort of ho-hum but that's one of Victoria's charms too.


tr3nta said...

AWESOME PHOTO!!!... WOW... really like it the distribution sky/city is almost perfect... the birds... street movement...

Wayne said...

This shot is a great example of what I like about Victoria. There are lots of vistas with no tall buildings. How many other main downtown intersections wouldn't have any buildings over three storeys?

I had to check, but of Canada's 100 largest cities Victoria is around #15 and it would not surprise me if it's snuck up a notch or two since that list was compiled.