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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dallas Road November

While autumn definitely brings some brownish hues to the shoreline, things are still pretty green in this photo taken this afternoon. It looks warm and lots of people were out enjoying the sunshine and dramatic cloudscapes, but the wind was cold.

Awards Part 2

The Kreativ Blogging Award (see yesterday's post below) requires me to list "six things that make me happy." In my contrary fashion I instead am going to list 5 reasons why the City Daily Photo Blog World makes me happy.
  • Nice Talk
    In an internet that is constantly cruised by trolls and foul-mouthed cruelies, somehow the City Daily Photo Blog world remains a network marked by truly civil discourse. Its members one and all seem to work consciously at keeping it nice, friendly, and supportive, both in the text of their posts and in their comments when visiting one another's sites. This is quite remarkable: an online community of people from all over the planet, representing many different cultures, political persuasions and religions somehow managing consistently to be nice to one another. The City Daily Photo Blog world is a shining example of Global Village consciousness being realized on a day to day basis.

  • Entertaining
    The photographs that people post are often beautiful and always interesting.The accompanying text is generally informative, usually good-natured and often witty or downright funny. These City Daily Photo Blogs are quite addictive. I'd rather browse them for an hour than watch anything on TV.

  • Photojournalism
    The mix of a photograph and some text is just right for me, both as an online browser and as a blogger. A photograph may be worth a thousand words but a photograph and a hundred words is probably equivalent to about three photos or three thousand words. That metaphor's a bit overextended but you get the idea. That complementary mix of text and graphic information is what made magazines so popular and it works in the blog world too.

  • Discipline and Freedom
    I like the discipline. To post a photo and say something about it every day is not as easy as one initially considers it to be. Yet the supportive, interested atmosphere of the City Daily Photo Blog world makes it a pleasant task to work on improving one's communication skills every day. And while there is that discipline, there is also the freedom to post pretty much anything one wants.

  • Learning
    I learn a lot. Particularly I learn that the world is modernizing rapidly. When I was growing up we thought North America and Europe to be the most technologically advanced societies on earth, the only really modern cultures. This mindset continues for many, as if we constantly move into the future while the rest of the world slumbers in their grass shack colonial past. It's the same kind of jolt I got when I travelled to South Korea a few years ago, expecting to find a somewhat backward Asian country yearning to be modernized. Instead I found a culture more plugged in and online than my own Canadian culture. Thus, it is salutary to see the fantastic malls and skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Tokyo and to learn that the people there are meeting the same types of challenges and problems as I am and share many of the same joys and sorrows.

Well, that's more than enough for today. More, tomorrow! In the meantime, I'm interested to hear what you have to say about this.


Guy D said...

Wow that is an absolutely beautiful photo. I love the left coast and can't wait to return. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

USelaine said...

Benjamin, I agree with just about everything you said here. Who has time for television? We are making things, and sharing them, not sitting passively back to be fed our instructions on how to feel about ourselves, and what to buy. I could go on, if it weren't so late, and I simply agree.

Anonymous said...

Wow! great landscape photo lovley colours well done! I agree a couple of words are better !

Stevenson Q said...

Benjamin! Your photo made my eye teary! I so loved it. Just the fresh inspiring feeling I have felt as I set my eyes on your shot makes me feel light and uplifted! This photo has magic in it! Love it so much!


Virginia said...

What a glorious photograph today. I found myself taking in a big breath!!

Ahhh your thoughts on the "blog thing" were spot on. I absolutely agree. When I started it was going to be all about the photograph and maybe a one line caption. Obviously I underestimated my gift of gab so to speak. I never thought of myself as a "writer". Indeed I pushed that task off on colleagues and delved into the creative stuff. That said, I don't think I'm a good writer, but i enjoy sharing my thoughts with all of you. You are right, it's a community of talented, caring supportive individuals.

Victor said...

Benjamin, your essay on our little online community is right on the money. Well put!

Saretta said...

I agree with your comments on what's great about city daily photo blogs. Especially about the support and friendly nature of the group!

Wayne said...

I could not have said it better Benjamin.

Petrea Burchard said...

Benjamin, you're some kinda genius. USElaine, too.

Kris McCracken said...

Benjamin, you are just in magnificent form in both images and texts. The last week or so of images have just been truly amazing, and I really needed to say that!

As for your text, today you are spot on, as people have said here. I've been online for as long as the general public have, and you're right, the CDP crowd are truly a bunch of great people and represent the absolute best of a civil society linked by electronic means.

In light of some rather ordinary online experiences over the past five years, the whole CDP community really has renewed my faith in both the medium and the notion of an “online community” more generally over the past eight or so months. That’s a big call, but I do sincerely mean it.

To continue the hyperbole, I also think that the CDP crowd (and I speak as someone who considers himself maybe an associate member) is doing a vital job of recording the kind of social history that I believe will be valued to a level that we maybe can’t appreciate right now, but will be vital for future historians to capture and assess the mood of the time on a level previously denied.

Again, just wanted to pump up your tires and throw my hand up in agreement.

Eric said...

Wow not only is this a stunning photo, but on top of that, what you say about the City Daily Photo community really put a smile on my face ;)

I think you're right, what I appreciate the most about our community is "somehow the City Daily Photo Blog world remains a network marked by truly civil discourse."

Unknown said...

Beautiful scenery!!!

Layrayski said...

wow benjamin, I love love the photo. I like the way you explained your experience during the day you took this photo. Your thoughts and what you feel-- even when its pretty brief. I appreciate it.

and the five reasons CDPB makes you happy just blew me away! You're right! and thanks to Eric of Paris daily photo too! =)

Virginia said...

Well B,
I am thrilled that Eric weighed in on this one. WEll put my friend. I am proud to be a part and you add a lot. I love you humor, which is often what draws me to certain DPB's. Keep at it. Oh, and I am so wrapped up in all of this, I am not addicted to cable news any longer and HAVE NO CLUE about half of what's going on in the world. I will VOTE HOWEVER!!

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind remarks, so very characteristic of the CDPB community.

Kim said...

B, first, this photo is breathtaking and I am right there with you looking out at that scene through it, which is a thrill. Second, this is so like you and I appreciate your stating these things so eloquently. I have had only one troll in nearly three years, and he picked on our mutual buddy US Elaine's comment. He authors a political blog where bad behavior in the comments box is the norm, and he's like a very literate and extremely intelligent blogger who has come to a new sandbox and doesn't quite know how to play with the group he finds there, so he depersonalizes them and intimidates. . .at least that's my preschool educators take on the psychology of it all :-). I think the key to the civility and goodwill found far and wide in our little corner of the blogosphere is that we genuinely see each other as people. And not just any old people, but interesting and valuable people who take the time to get acquainted and to understand each other's perspectives. I see a lot of authenticity in our fellow bloggers and so much kindness and all the good things that humans can be. You, my friend, are exemplary of all these good things, and I'm so glad to know you! Thanks for focusing our attention on these traits.
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