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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nice Building

The day before yesterday I posted a photo of a couple of new hotels here. One commenter quite rightly called them ugly. Today's photo is of a modern downtown building that I like. Nothing fancy here but there are lines and proportions, colors and materials that are pleasing to the eye. It doesn't take much to make a building attractive. What is most distressing about the Marriott and Belvedere Hotels (scroll down the page to Monday's post) is that they seem to have been designed without any attention to their visual impact. They are utilitarian but without even the force of brutalist style. They're just tacky and these big hotel people should be ashamed.


Virginia said...

I'd like to take that demo crew you posted over to those other hotels. You know that cheer we have here.."U.G.L.Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly!" Well they don't! You're right.

Now today's offering reminds me of an old Art Deco theatre. I think the color is grand. Thanks for showing it off.

Laurie Allee said...

This reminds me of several of the buildings that were built in Austin in the 1980s -- such a nice change from the 70s concrete and glass boxes.

I'd never heard the term brutalist before. WHat an appropos term!

Cool shot of this pretty building, indeed!

Laurie Allee said...

Virginia, you crack me up! I remember that cheer!!!

Stefan Jansson said...

If this is brutalist I'm all for that! Great looking building it is.