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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rainy Days

Well, today it drizzled all day and was the kind of cold and gloomy afternoon that would have kept me cozily inside in my pre-City Daily Photo Blog life. But I sneered at the weather, leapt on my trusty steed and flew into the teeth of the gale. OK, I compromised by spending most of the afternoon poring through stuff that other people didn't want at my favorite thrift store here in Victoria, but I did have to cycle through the weather to get there. And I took this photo through their back window, that looks out over the Gorge. Those interesting light lines in the sky are the reflections of the florescent lights in the store. I like shopping in thrift stores, especially on rainy days.

On the extreme right of this photo is a red roofed building that has "Point Hope Shipyard" painted on its gray wall facing the Gorge. We will be visiting this shipyard soon.


USelaine said...

When I saw the thumbnail, it almost looked like contrails in military formation. That just wouldn't do in Victoria, and your explanation is much better.

I read recently that about 80% of the clothes we donate to local thrift shops gets sold in bulk to dealers, who then sell it to third world countries. I don't know what they do with excess coffee tables.

Sharon said...

The florescent lights seem to be emphasizing the photo.

Debbie Courson Smith said...

Isn't it great that this city blog stuff makes us explore our worlds?

Benjamin Madison said...

Elaine- when I worked with street children in West Africa we used to buy big bales of used t-shirts and shorts for the kids. I think what the thrifts do is put it out for sale over here and if it doesn't sell then they sell it to the exporters who bale it. Many people in the markets where I was in Africa also bought bales (wholesale) and then sold the individual items.

Sharon - yes, I like the lights - initially I kept trying to take the photo without the reflection showing but when I looked at them later on the monitor, I decided the ones with the lights were better.

BD: I agree!