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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dockside Green Arbutus

Further to my post of Wednesday, here's a little more Dockside Green. I noticed some time ago that the construction crews are very carefully preserving the only large tree that was growing on the site before construction started. It is the large Arbutus tree in the center of the photo, behind the blue and white cement truck. I think the preservation of this tree is another good sign that this project is serious about their commitment to the environment.

This will make an interesting historical photo since the buildings are going up all around this tree and in six months I expect this scene to have changed totally except, I hope, for the tree.


USelaine said...

Having a mature native tree will certainly be an amenity to retain. I hope they don't throw too much shade on it.

Virginia said...

A true act of kindness for your city. Saving old growth trees is not heard of in most places today . Mow em down is the norm. Would love to see how this all shapes up in the future.

Saretta said...

I'm rooting for the tree...I just *hate* it when they cut down old trees for building projects!