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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phone Booth

Victoria's Chinatown is small but nice attention has been paid to details, such as the bright red color of many features, including this phone booth, the bench beside it and the street lamp poles in the background. Although they are so small as to be very difficult to see in this photo, the street name signs are also in red. In Chinese culture, red is an auspicious color, denoting prosperity and good fortune.


USelaine said...

Hey! Not only the red color, but also that fantastic little rooftop! And I hope, on some gloomy, damp, dark winter in Victoria day, you'll show us a closer look at that great globe sculpture in the background. I love maps. They cheer everything up. 8^)

Kris McCracken said...

Red is also an excellent choice for drawing attention to something. Exhibit A: this photograph.

Benjamin Madison said...

Elaine, yes the little roof on the phone booth was actually what inspired me to take the photo. As for the globe sculpture, it can be turned but my granddaughter informs me that it works better when it is rainy since it gets some lubrication from the water.

Kris, yes I read somewhere recently that if there is anything red in a photograph the eye is automatically drawn to it so I watch out for the red in my photos now since a blob of red tends to take over.

Virginia said...

REd for prosperity huh? Well it's about time somebody filled me in on that one. Well off to the paint store.

Your photo is great. I like the pops of red. Nice composition.