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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rock Bay

Victoria is not all parks and groves and delightful little bays with seawall walkways. It has its industrial side as well although tourism and government are probably the primary employers. I've mentioned the Gorge before as a long arm of the ocean that reaches into Victoria. The Inner Harbor is the first area on this arm. After passing under the Johnson Street Bridge, the Gorge enters the predominantly industrial neighborhood known as Rock Bay, pictured above. The photo below is just to the right of the above shot and shows the backside of buildings on Store Street in downtown Victoria. The Johnson Street bridge is directly to the right side of the photo below and the Bay Street (Point Ellice) Bridge is just to the left of the photo above. And if all that doesn't confuse you thoroughly, I give up.


Wayne said...

Benjamin, the bottom picture came out really well. I like industrial themes myself.

melanie said...

Photo très lumineuse et qui respire le calme !

USelaine said...

Benjamin, I know you want to try to have Victoria blend in with all the other cities sometimes. Hoi polloi, and all that. You know, like Grace Kelly "slumming" with the homely peasants. It ain't working. Even your industrial areas look glamorous.