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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Victoria's Inner Harbor is a favorite haunt of mine but the hanging flower baskets are so luxuriously colorful they tend to dominate other aspects of photos in which they appear. In color, I liked this photo of two young men having a conversation on top of the seawall. But the eye was inevitably drawn to the gorgeous reds and blues of the hanging flowers. It works much better in black and white because the flowers are muted and become a part of the composition rather than being the explosively colorful central focus.


Diederick Wijmans said...

A great...great shot, Benjamin!
I also like the different shades of the b&w.

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Amazing shot. Beautiful contrasts.
I'm an amateur but love to try black & white from fellow participants and Aileni in Monochrome Monday.

Knoxville Girl said...

Those pesky flowers do tend to hog the spotlight. Now that you've settled their hash, I can see a lovely stair-step of images: tower, flowers, men, that flow from one corner to the opposite. Also, b&w brings out the wonderful texture of the wall. Excellent.

Janet Kincaid said...

Gorgeous photo! And you're right: It's definitely better in B&W. The flowers, while lovely I'm sure, would have been a distraction.