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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fisherman's Wharf

The Inner Harbor mostly hosts pleasure craft and boats catering to tourists such as sailing and whale-watching excursions. But about twenty minutes walk from the Inner Harbor along the seawall (or a five minute ferry ride) is Fisherman's Wharf. Here there are many fishing boats and picturesque houseboats, as well as fresh seafood, art galleries, restaurants, hungry harbor seals and more entertainment. Below is a favorite food stop of mine, Grilligan's, which features vegetarian chili made with tofu, and there's lots of other good things on the menu too.The boy in the picture above is standing on the wharf. The man behind the counter to his right is on his floating food stand. They are so close together you may not notice that they are not really connected until you lean on the counter, like I did one afternoon, and a sudden wave shifts the restaurant up or down a few inches. Grilligan's also has a water-level "drive through" at the back for kayakers who need a veggie-dog to go.


Unknown said...

Lovely place! The surface of the water is so beautiful!

melanie said...

Le pĂȘcheur au bord de l'eau
Abrité sous son chapeau
Est heureux
Et trouve la vie belle ...(chanson)

Very beautiful post !

Jane Hards Photography said...

The reflections on the top ones are outstanding

Saretta said...

How interesting that the restaurant is on a boat! Does he ever move to different locations?

USelaine said...

This looks like it's about my speed. Very nice shots.

Michaela said...

I gotta give ya mad props because #1: you're from Canada! Woot! I'm from Vancouver, and #2: your pics are fantastic. I have fallen in love with your work! Good job and I am so impressed :)