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Friday, January 6, 2017

May Choices!

As I wrote yesterday, "Every year I put together a calendar for friends and family, of photos I have published on this blog for the last year or so. However, it's always difficult to make decisions about which photos to use. I am hoping visitors to this blog will help out. Every day for the next few weeks I will publish two or three photos from a given month and hope that comments and choices made by visitors will help me make a final decision which photos to use in this year's calendar. As an incentive, I will offer an online downloadable/printable file of the calendar to anyone who helps me make a choice."

Thanks to everyone who has given me their opinions so far, and it really helps when you give reasons for your preference.

Below are my favorite May 2016 photos. There are four to choose from today - Three from the Victoria Day Parade - always an interesting event though it is now being eclipsed in popularity by the Pride Parade later in the year. Anyway, here's four photos of Victoria in May. Which one do you prefer?

Legislative Assembly Building

Falun Dafa Marchers - Victoria Day Parade (I really like the spirit and joie de vie that these women displayed in their marching, so full of life and energy.)

Penny Farthing Cyclists - Victoria Day Parade

Marching Band in Front of Victoria City Hall - Victoria Day Parade


The Furry Gnome said...

Well now that's quite a different selection! Assuming that parade is a big part of Victoria in May. I'd go with photo two, it's just so colourful.

jmd andco said...

I love the impact of colours in both Falun Dafa Marchers and Marching Band. My #1 choice is Falun Dafa, it radiates happiness and esprit de corps.

JoJo said...

I like the Legislative Building best.

William Kendall said...

The legislature. I think because it's such an iconic element of the city.

RodFleck said...

Love both 1 and 4 - Amazing eye!