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Monday, January 9, 2017

July Choices!

As I wrote last week, "Every year I put together a calendar for friends and family, of photos I have published on this blog for the last year or so. However, it's always difficult to make decisions about which photos to use. I am hoping visitors to this blog will help out. Every day for the next few weeks I will publish two or three photos from a given month and hope that comments and choices made by visitors will help me make a final decision which photos to use in this year's calendar. As an incentive, I will offer an online downloadable/printable file of the calendar to anyone who helps me make a choice."

Thanks to everyone who has given me their opinions so far, and it really helps when you give reasons for your preference.

Below are my favorite July 2016 photos. There are three to choose from today. July is a good time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and these photos reflect the fact that Victoria is surrounded by lots of parks and forest land. The top two photos were taken in July 2016. The bottom photo was taken in July 2010. Which one do you prefer?

Backyard Boss (This bird was at the top of the pecking order in out backyard flock this year.)

Summertime in Saanich (Fern took this lovely photo)

Sooke Potholes (The Sooke Potholes are a favorite spot Victorians go to on hot summer days.)


The Furry Gnome said...

Oh I like that last one!

RodFleck said...

Ok, I like all three. Top one is a great picture, but the bottom one is really something one doesn't see that often. Coin toss?

William Kendall said...

For me, it's the peacefulness of the horse.

JoJo said...

Summertime in Saanich cause the horse and that field look sooo warm and summery.

jmd andco said...

I like both Summertime in Saanich and Sooke Potholes for July but there's something about that handsome horse in the lush field that I keep going back to. So Fern's photo gets my vote.