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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Springs Cove

Last Sunday's post I described a boat trip up the coast north from Tofino heading to Maquinna Provincial Marine Park. When we got off the little boat and recovered somewhat (!) we enjoyed a magnificent walk through the dense rainforest. At the end of the trail was this little river running down through the rocks forming the hot springs. It was incredibly hot and the smell was like boiled eggs; very sulfery. However, once you were in them, all warm and relaxed, with the waves crashing in the distance, it was truly worth it. - Fern


JoJo said...

It sounds awesome. I was never a fan of the sulphur smell of hot springs; the Old Faithful Geyser of Calistoga, CA has that smell too. This looks like a gorgeous location!

William Kendall said...

The first shot looks peaceful; the second looks a bit treacherous!