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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Bearded Banjo-Man

I tend to focus on musicians who perform on the Inner Harbour Causeway, probably mostly because they are dependably seasoned local artists while musicians who play in other public areas of downtown are often transitory. Also, musicians who wish to perform on the Causeway must audition in the spring and there are a limited number of spots available so those who make the cut are very competent. Those who play on the streets, however, though they are often very talented, are not so rigorously selected. Above is a talented musician I encountered at the Government Street entrance to Bastion Square recently. His name is Riley, the Bearded Banjo-man, and I spent an enjoyable quarter of an hour listening to his music. If you see him, stop and have a listen. He's good!


JoJo said...

William Kendall said...

We have our share of regular buskers, often in the Byward Market. I greatly prefer them to the occasional yelling street preacher bellowing fire and brimstone.

This one looks like a real character.

Stephanie said...

And with the banjo, love the sound of this instrument.