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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Deer me!

I had planned to continue this anniversary week with some kind of retrospective posts looking at the last five years but I was happy to have my camera with me on yesterday's morning walk along the West Bay Walkway. It was one of those situations when you are looking for something - for me it was spring flowers - so I was focused on the ground. Suddenly I became aware that I was being watched and when I looked up there were all these deer - four of them. It looks like three does and a fawn to me. This is an urban area - it's within the Victoria city limits and just below a large condominium development in a well settled residential neighbourhood. I've seen deer here before but four at once is unusual. (I did spy some spring flowers - tomorrow!)


Dean Lewis said...

What a great serendipitous experience.
I've never seen a fawn with so much white like that before.

Stephanie said...

This is great!

JoJo said...

What luck!

William Kendall said...

Though you're getting such an early spring, I suspect for the deer, it's still winter enough that they'll feel the need to stay in groups. Come summer they won't do that. Stunning shot!