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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hello. My name is Fern and I will be taking over for Benjamin while he is away. I thought I was organized but ran into a few technical difficulties today - hopefully it goes more smoothly from here on in!
This is a photo I took on one of my Dad and I's forays into the woods. I've played with the color but you hardly need to; Fern's being so photogenic. Honestly, no pun intended.


JoJo said...

Beautiful photo! I see you are as talented as your dad! i look forward to seeing the pics you post, Fern!

Jack said...

Very nice one, Fern. It is fun seeing how different people see their homes differently. Your father usually shows landscapes, while your first effort is a close-up.

Dean Lewis said...

Terrific introductory 'signature' shot, Fern, and with that great bokah :). You do your Dad proud.