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Friday, March 25, 2011

King George Terrace Lookout

On the way home from a friend's in Oak Bay I took the scenic route along the water and had to stop at the look out at the top of King George Terrace. From here you can see across the water to Port Angeles, WA and the Olympic Mountains. A beautiful spring day!
Author's note: For those of you who are regular visitors and leave such lovely comments, thank you! Benjamin Madison is still away but will be back in another week and a half. I'm enjoying being Victoria Daily Photo and hope I am meeting Benjamin's high standards.


SRQ said...

A beautiful capture. Thanks for filling in, you're doing a nice job.

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful expansive view. It sure has been nice to have these few nice days. You are doing a great job! Have a wonderful weekend.

Dean Lewis said...

A new perspective is always refreshing. Love the Witty's Lagoon shot from yesterday.
I'd say Your contrast at times is too high, with detail lost in the shadows.

Carola said...

Fern, you are doing a great job!
And again a wonderful photo.