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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Crocuses mark the end of winter but the real onset of spring is signaled for me by Daffodils (Genus Narcissus). There are dozens of different varieties but when I think of daffodils it is the yellow ones that come to mind. Those above were photographed recently in Beacon Hill Park. They appear to be a miniature variety and are a bit ahead of their taller relatives.

Today begins Year 4 of this blog and I promised some surprises. The first is that in a few days I will be away from the blog - totally offline - for about three and half weeks. I am taking a little holiday and traveling to India. During my absence my daughter will be blogging here and posting her photos of Victoria. I am sure you'll all enjoy a different perspective on Victoria through her lens. I'll be flying out to New Delhi on Sunday the 13th of March and will not return until April 7th.


Sheila said...

Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary of this blog. I have loved the trips back home each time I've visited. Glad to hear that your daughter will continue to post in your absence because I've been looking forward to seeing Springtime in Victoria. Have a safe journey!

JoJo said...

Spring is nearly here! You know me, I love our cold, dark, rainy winters but even I'm looking forward to warmer weather.

RedPat said...

Enjoy the trip! Spring will be in full bloom when you return.

Jack said...

Yes, daffodils are a wonderful sign of a coming spring. Nice photo. And, congratulations on your anniversary and enjoy your trip. My daughter has made guest appearances on my blog; I look forward to seeing your daughter's work.

Carola said...

Have a good time in incredibel India.
Congratulation to your blog anniversary. That is a l o n g time.
Looking forward to your daughters photos.