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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The West Coast

A few hours drive along the coast west and north of Victoria brings one to the true west coast, where the rollers sweep in from the Pacific with only thousands of miles of ocean between here and Japan. It's an incredibly rich, green environment that provides views such as these around every corner of the trail. Tomorrow I'll show you what it's like when you come out of the forest onto the beach.


JoJo said...

My first trip to Vancouver Island, we stayed in a cabin at Point No Point. Drove almost all the way to Port Renfrew. It was just fantastic, wild and remote scenery. I went to French Beach last time I was up there. Can't wait to see your next set of pics!

Dean Lewis said...

Some fantastic beaches out that way, including China, Mystic and Sombreo where one can get lost in the timeless beauty of our place on the planet.
Port Renfrew and Botanical Beach really has the feel of the 'end of the line', although I'm told the logging road connecting it to Lake Cowichan is now paved making for an easier 'loop' back around through Duncan to Victoria.

Kala said...

Beautiful perspective - great shot.

Sheila said...

The secret is out now...some of the most beautiful beaches are where you are taking us through your amazing photographs. Thanks once again!