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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grace II

It's not only athletes, dancers and children who are graceful, the practiced movements of musicians often display the same physical grace and a harmony in tune with the music they produce. Above is the violinist from the chamber music group called Satori Strings, and the cellist (lower right), while playing on the Inner Harbour Causeway.


Dean Lewis said...

In addition to the very welcome classical music, does this woman not radiate the beauty of a Greek Godess.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Wonderful photograph and you are rirght about the grace and harmony of the scene.

Darryl and Ruth : )

JoJo said...

Very beautiful and graceful too!

Dana said...

She also happens to be an athlete, natch. Coincidence? I think not!

I rarely get to hear their performances, but love it when I do. Way to capture the elegance, Benjamin!