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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Cooper Sisters

Though they're playing under an overcast sky, The Cooper Sisters manage to inject some sunshine into the environment with their sweet voices. Both girls (Jillian, left, and Brittany, right) have had considerable musical training and it shows in their polished performance. Their CD, entitled, "Inspirations," containing nine original songs is also a delightful listen. You can find out more about The Cooper Sisters on their website by clicking here. To catch them on the Inner Harbour Causeway this summer, check the Causeway Artists Schedule by clicking here.


Dean Lewis said...

These two are really good, with a rythmic,upbeat, but gentle sound, and great harmonizing vocals.

JoJo said...

Say are those guys that make the spray paint creations still down there? I bought a vibrant and beautiful print of an orca from them. It took me FOREVER to narrow down my choice to just one, and I picked the orca to commemorate the whale watch I was on during that trip.

Dean Lewis said...

Yes JoJo, they are still there, twin brothers Robin and Jay.
There are a number of siblings on the causeway, including the Bennets Brothers guitarists, and two and sometimes three McKenzie brothers, jugglers.

Steffe said...

Some good portraits here. always interesting to talk with artists. Will check out their music.