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Friday, August 28, 2009

White Rock, BC - From the Pier

White Rock pier, BC, CanadaHere is a photo of the town of White Rock showing how it is perched above the Pacific shore. The photo is taken from the White Rock pier. Photographers are perhaps more aware than most that fully half of our landscape is the sky and its most prominent features are the clouds. Their colors, sizes, shapes and patterns add infinite and ever changing variety to scenes we see every day. I love the clouds in this photo.


Sophie said...

Hi! I was just looking around blogs and I noticed yours and I thought I'd leave a comment!

Wow these clouds look really amazing! I can picture me just sitting on a bench there just thinking and recording my thoughts. Amazing eye!

Chuck Pefley said...

That's a very exciting sky for sure! So, you've been off the island, eh? I'm heading to Vancouver on Wednesday and a friend and I will be doing the Port Refrew loop road on your island (motorcycle & scooter) Thurs and Friday. I think we're bypassing Victoria proper, however in favor of getting to the coast. We'll be spending Thurs night in Cowichin Bay.