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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vancouver Cantonese Opera

Vancouver Cantonese Opera, Victoria, Canada, Dragon Boat FestivalI couldn't finish posting about the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival without at least one shot of what is for me the highlight of the festival, the appearance of the Vancouver Cantonese Opera. Remarkable costumes, splendid performances, and an informed commentary make this a memorable event and I hope and trust they will be back annually.

An additional source of delight for me in many of the performances by other groups was the involvement of children such as these sweet young girls from the VFCA Sampaguita Filipino Dance Group.VFCA Sampaguita Dance Group, Victoria, Canada, Dragon Boat Festival


Gunn White said...

Bright, colorful and nice photos! :-)

Leif Hagen said...

OMG - what a GREAT, colorful photo! Reminds me of my visit to Taiwan and the chinese opera there! Award winning photo! your dragonboat longgggg photo yesteday was super cool! Regards from EAGAN daily photo

翔箏~慈 said...

Thanks for nice sharing.
This China's opera, I thought that only will then perform in the East. But your picture actually catches really well. :}