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Sunday, August 23, 2009

On Golden Pond

sailboat, Inner Harbour, Victoria, BC, CanadaOne of the things I love about summer is the long evenings and the golden light that we often get in this part of the world. (We may get it in the winter too but I find the evenings too cold to investigate.) Above photo was taken from Ogden Point, looking across the Inner Harbour towards Esquimalt.

I am going on a short holiday for the next week so I have uploaded a bunch of photos from this summer's archives that should post automatically until I get back.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo! Very Nice.

TheChieftess said...

Beautiful!!! Have a fun holiday!!!

ms toast burner said...

I love that glow... can't say I've ever really noticed a similar effect in winter.

Enjoy your short holiday, Benjamin. Are you going to Miniature World? ;-)

Dave Harris said...

Thanks for posting. Enjoy your holiday!

sixstars said...

Nice photo I like the ranges of hills in the background.