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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Johnson Street Bridge from Ship Point

Johnson Street Bridge from Ship Point Pier, Victoria, BC, CanadaFrom Ship Point Pier where this photo was taken, Victoria Harbour stretches away in two directions: to the left, past the green Laurel Point towards the harbour exit and Esquimalt and to the right inland to the Upper Harbour and the Gorge. The reason I like this photo is that it clearly shows the Johnson Street Bridge (far right, with one span pointed skyward) as a significant feature of the landscape. The large building centre right is the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa. To the left of the Delta Victoria are condominiums on Songhees Point.
Check out the Johnson Street Bridge Victoria BC website for news and views on the fate of the "Blue Bridge."


PinkPanthress said...
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PinkPanthress said...

Love the perfect sky with the fisheye look to the cloudes at the left & the ripples in the water! :)

Leif Hagen said...

What a marvelous blue photo! Wish I were sitting in a canoe right there!

White Oleander said...

Great photo! Love it:)