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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Street Music

Though I forgot to mention it, you may have guessed from the plethora of busking musician photos I've been posting that we are currently in the midst of the Victoria International Buskers Festival, an event which draws acts from all over the world to perform on Victoria's Ship Point Pier (right next to the Inner Harbour Causeway). Pretty well all the photos I've posted however have been of our own local buskers, who are fully as talented as those who come for the festival. For whatever reason, the streets are full of musicians and I especially enjoyed the sounds produced by the couple pictured above. I think what they were playing might be called Zydeco - it was fast, nostalgic, and had a hint of gypsy in it - great stuff! On the left above is Lolita Froissart and that's Jef Gasse (D'Jef) on the right.


William Kendall said...

The accordion is not that different from the one my father has.

Kate said...

This is an event that is worth travelling to see.