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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coal in THEIR Stockings For Sure

Above, busy with a cell phone and an i-Pod, passersby fail to notice Mr. and Mrs. Santa strolling by on Victoria's Government Street.

Below, what looks like a normally busy day in downtown Victoria is a bit unusual because this was taken on a Sunday. Usually on a Sunday here there is very little traffic and few pedestrians. It's because of Christmas shopping, of course. How's yours coming?


JoJo said...

Sadly the number of people I shop for has dwindled to just a couple: My husband and my mom. All I can say is thank god for catalogs and the internet. I'm just not a Mall-type person! Unfortunately b/c my hubby has been out of work since August, 2008 (over 50 and unemployed is a very bad combo), money is pretty tight and we can't afford to splurge like we used to.

How is your shopping going?

Jack said...

Nice one of the shoppers ignoring Mr. & Mrs. Claus. I see that you are keeping your commitment to work more people into your photos.

Greenhorn said...

Wonderful photo of the busy ladies missing Mr. and Mrs. Clause!

Andy said...

Two nice photos for the season. I used to have the same problem with people getting on my bus. They would be so wrapped up in their "Technological World" that everything else was shutout.