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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa Was Here

Regular visitor Dean Lewis sent me this splendid video. Thanks Dean. Enjoy!


Randy said...

Wonderful photo! I hope your holiday was full of all the joy of the season.

Carola said...

Thanks for the video, I really enjoyed watching it!

biebkriebels said...

I love those flash mobs, wonderful.

Paul said...

Benjamin many thanks for the last year of great photos from your part of Canada and Have a very Merry Christmas. Paul at Leeds daily photo

JoJo said...

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas! This is a very pretty picture! Nostalgic too.

tennisjazz said...

Thanks Benjamin and Dean for the video ... lovely. (However, the non-performers there should have stood up for the performance:
"The tradition of standing during the Hallelujah Chorus began during a performance on March 23, 1743. King George II was attending the performance. When the Hallelujah Chorus began King George rose. It is unclear why he stood up, he may have been stretching his legs, it is possible that King George, who was partially deaf, mistook the opening notes for the national anthem, or he may have risen to his feet out of respect.
No one knows why King George stood but we do know that people around the world still rise to their feet whenever they hear first notes of the Hallelujah Chorus." -- Wikipedia)

... and here's to another year of your wonderful photos in 2011, Benjamin.