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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Talk about a mixed bag! I went out last night to try to capture some Christmassy house decorations. There were some nice life-size plastic carollers nearby but when I arrived there I found the high winds had blown them all over so they looked like they'd been drinking too much. Inside the house however, my daughter and I began playing with some of the lenses I've accumulated over the last few years. This picture was taken (by my daughter) with a filter called "Multi-vision." I like the effect and it's a pretty picture to mark what for me is an important day - the winter solstice. Today is the shortest day of the year with little more than 8 hours of daylight here in Victoria. From now on, however, the days begin to lengthen and that means we're on the downhill slope to summer, even though the weather may get colder for the next couple of months. Tonight also, we have an eclipse of the moon, an event that has not coincided with the winter solstice since 1638.


haideƩ said...

¡Feliz solsticio! :)
Estupenda toma, felicitaciones a tu hija -.-
Un cordial saludo.

JoJo said...

What a great photo! Happy Winter Solstice to you too! I didn't get up to see the lunar eclipse; I wasn't sure if we'd have clear skies and it would take an act of Congress to get me out of my warm bed on a work night.

Personally I prefer the short winter days, so I don't look forward to the lengthening of our days at all.

Carola said...

This photo is great, perfect.

And very good words about the short days and the weather, this is exactly what I feel. "Downhill slope to summer" this is so good.

Greetings from the snowy germany and wishing you a happy midwinter!

Dana said...

Happy Solstice! We couldn't see the eclipse last night at the magical minute because of the cloud cover, though we did catch a tiny glimpse of it about 45 minutes later. Still impressive!

Love the photo. As usual. (I should just start copy/pasting that in the comments section.)