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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Marching Bands - Victoria Day Parade 3

Despite all the social changes in the last century here is something that seems to maintain its popularity - elaborately costumed kids' marching bands. When I was a boy I played trumpet in one that toured the USA and Canada one summer (1956), traveling from city to city and marching in their parades. Consequently these marching bands bring back plenty of memories. We wore dark blue capes lined with bright red satin that I thought were just about the sharpest thing possible. I'm sure the kids in these pictures are much more blasé about their outfits.

Trumpeters in beretsFlautists in buttons
Saxaphonists in kiltsClarinetists in plaid
Parades would be pretty dead and dull without the show these kids provide. Many thanks to the American and Canadian kids who marched and played.


JoJo said...

Sadly, many of the schools in the USA cannot afford band uniforms anymore, so we see a lot of kids dressed like the group in red & berets w/ just black pants, simple walking shoes and the same coloured shirt.

I marched in my fair share of parades, but not as a musician. I was in Colour Guard in high school, and when I was a little kid, I marched with my Bluebird & Camp Fire Girls Troup.

Stefan Jansson said...

We don't have these in Sweden, so It's nice to see. I like how you put the four photos in the way you did here.