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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bastion Square

While the rest of the country seems to be experiencing extremes of weather - snow in some areas and heat waves in others, Victoria's temperatures have been on the cool side - it's not t-shirt and shorts weather yet although it is warming up. Bars and restaurants have opened up their outside patios and lots of locals and visitors are taking advantage of what sunshine there is such as the patrons of the Irish Times Pub at the entrance to Bastion Square in the photo above. Another sign of coming summer can be seen below in the arrival of backpackers (below right) - as sure a sign of the season as the cruise ships pictured yesterday.


SFBakstad said...

Great photos! I've visited your wonderful city a couple of years ago and have fun, fond memories. Looking forward to following you!

Anonymous said...

What a peaceful sight you do provide with these nice photographies. Wishing this city would look that nice, and having such an Irish Pub as well; year since last I enjoy a Guinness.
Please have a nice Sunday.

daily athens

JoJo said...

I always timed my trips to Victoria so that I could browse the Bastion Square Arts Fest. I've bought some lovely items from local artists there.

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