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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clowns - Victoria Day Parade 1

Victoria always celebrates Victoria Day with a parade and over the next few days I will share some of the photographs I took of this year's. To set the mood here's a couple of photos of clowns. They are always always fascinating subjects since there is a double layer to their features - the makeup and the expression underneath it, each giving added depth to the other.


JoJo said...

AAAHHHHHH *runs screaming* I HAVE CAULROPHOBIA!!! Can't wait to see the other pics though. :)

Dean Lewis said...

Knew someone would react that way..
Eeeeeeeeehhhhh !!
Sort of reminds me of the little toddlers terrified of cute mascot animals that just happen to be 8 ft. tall.

What did the circus lion say after eating the clown?
- This tastes 'funny'.
nyuk nyuk nyuk

Stefan Jansson said...

They sure are scary...

msdewberry said...

Every year growing up we would go and see the Victoria Day parade. One year in my teens I was also in the parade, for Operation Trackshoes. We built a trackshoe and put it over a car for the parade. Now a year does not go by that I don't at least watch it on TV. It's not the same though.
And I never really liked the clowns. I wanted thier candies, but not too close.

Anonymous said...

There's writing on a wall over here: "Why do canibals don't eat clowns? - Because they taste funny. "

I do live clowns though. Please have a nice Thursday.

daily athens