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Monday, July 20, 2009


In the summertime an incredible number of talented performers take to the streets of Victoria and provide passersby with a wide variety of entertainment. For many performers the streets are a place to fine-tune their performance abilities and may serve as a stepping stone to greater things. Unlike performers on the Inner Harbour Causeway, street performers are not required to audition.* Nevertheless, most of our street musicians are quite talented. But occasionally I come across a young performer who is exceptionally talented, such as the remarkable musician pictured here. He was playing with another guitarist on Government Street but I neglected to get their names. If you see him, you won't be disappointed if you stop and listen. In five years it will cost you a lot of money to hear this young man play.
(*This information comes thanks to an anonymous commenter who kindly corrected some misinformation in the original post.)
UPDATE: I was lucky enough to catch him again the day after I wrote the above. His name is Quinn Bachand. You can hear Quinn and his fiddle-playing sister Qristina on their CD, called "Relative Minors."
Quinn and his sister are online at and on myspace. Lots of videos can be seen on their YouTube Channel, TheBachands.

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Anonymous said...

He seems to know how good he is. I think it is a fine thing that people who want to can audition and play on the streets in Victoria.

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