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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crow - Dallas Road

It is easy in our cities to forget the larger natural environment that is our true home. Victoria is perhaps more blessed than many cities since most streets are tree-lined, and there are lots of small parks and plenty of avid gardeners, but I am always particularly pleased to see wild animals co-existing with us in urban settings since they remind us that we are not the only inhabitants of this planet. This crow seemed to be a little doubtful when I first approached him for a photo but then he settled down and provided me with the nice profile above.

Wikipedia has a good article about crows and how intelligent they are. And, not suprisingly, crows have their own website,, where you can learn about their language and culture.


Leeds daily photo - Paul said...

Nice post Benjamin, I may not be a fan of the crow, like magpies the rob nests of the songbirds, but I do find them interesting. Anyone who has ever heard and watched a crow, crowing to the world at large and perhaps also at you will know what I mean.
I saw a play here in Yorkshire some years back entitled "Crow", it was all about the crow.
Leeds in Yorkshire photographs

Paty said...

very good text and beautiful pictures! I´m always trying to find some wild life in my city too, fortunatelay here we can find them.

Jabba said...

I like crows. I know I'm in the minority but they are super smart, completely hilarious and interesting to watch. Better yet - ravens. Now THERE is some entertainment.

Eugene said...

Awesome photos.  Thank you.

I don't mind the crows except when they dive bomb us, still that is protection mode for them and their young.