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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here's another old house I enjoy whenever I pass. One of many things I like about these heritage houses is that they often have verandahs. To me a verandah suggests a style and pace of life quite different from today. A verandah is much more than a porch in that it extends right across the front of the house and often around the sides as well. It is quite different from a patio or a deck or a balcony and comes from a time when activities that required good light were best done outdoors. I remember a summer once when I travelled as a boy through the mid-western states of America. For a few glorious days we stayed in an enormous old house with a verandah on all sides that overlooked stretches of the greenest lawn and was shaded by towering oaks. As I drifted into sleep those summer nights I dreamt I'd one day have such a house.


USelaine said...

I never even thought about the need for light, but of course you're right. Thanks for the information, and for capturing the entire tree out front.

magiceye said...

beautiful... straight out of a fairy tale!

raf said...

It is a lovely house. I have similar childhood memories regarding veranda use on the Gulf Coast. It was indeed where most family activities took place most of the year. Thanks for sharing your photo and story. All the best.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Very pretty! Nice photos here.

I had a friend who lived in Victoria and I visited her there--it was a lovely area, very nice! Unfortunately, she died. She was an artist.