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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Queen Victoria

No blog about Victoria would be complete without some reference to the Queen for whom the city was named, so here is a photo of the statue of Queen Victoria that stands in front of the Legislative Assembly Buildings. This is a young Queen Victoria, quite different from the aged queen we are more used to seeing (below), but when the city was founded in 1843, Victoria had only been 6 years on the throne and, at 24 years old, may have been very like this statue.Below is a photo of the statue overlooking the Inner Harbour with the Empress Hotel on the right. The Empress Hotel, built shortly after her death, was named after the Queen in her role as Empress of India.


Sally said...

Instantly recognisable! Got a few statues of her around here too!
Sydney Daily Photo

USelaine said...

A really nice group of images. She had such a long reign - perhaps Americans are more influenced in our thoughts by the actresses who have played her.