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Friday, May 13, 2016

Welcome to Victoria

If this view could be worn out by being photographed then it would be ready for the garbage bin. I took it last week for two reasons: 1) I liked the dramatic clouds, and 2) the lack of sailboats meant that the "Welcome to Victoria" sign in flowers was visible across the harbour. Usually it is obscured by the forest of masts. I've been thinking about this welcome sign lately because it has been there for a long time. It used to be very visible in the days when the Vancouver-Victoria Ferry docked near where I stood to take this photo, and thus could be seen clearly by arriving passengers. Now that we will soon have a direct Vancouver-Victoria service once again perhaps this sign will be more than a quaint historical artifact.


JoJo said...

Well I never get tired of that view. And I never could get a good shot of the 'welcome' in flowers, no matter what I did. You're right about the masts. And some of the vendors too.

William Kendall said...

It is a magnificent view.